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안녕하십니까?  한국 예일동창회장 노철수 입니다.

예일대 Peter Salovey 총장 한국 방문 기념 동창회 주최 만찬회를 아래와 같이 개최합니다.

많은 성원과 참석 부탁드립니다


          : 2023 3 24 () 6:00 PM
          : 신라호텔 영빈관   
          : 참석인원 일인당 5만원 
 납부계좌 : 신한은행 110-416-132110 (예금주 박소연) *송금 시 개인 성명으로 기재 요망

참석 인원 제한으로 인하여 신속한 RSVP 부탁 드립니다!!

RSVP by 10 March 2023: Click here.

Dear YCK Members,
Yale Club of Korea invites you to a dinner party in honor of Dr. Peter Salovey, President of Yale University, who will be visiting Korea in late March.  
 Date: 2023 March 24th (Fri) @ 6:00 PM
 Venue: The Shilla Hotel, Young Bin Gwan 
 Admission Fee: 50,000 KRW per person
 Account : Shinhan Bank 110-416-132110 (Account holder 박소연) * Please remit the admission fee under your name
Available seatings are limited so please RSVP as soon as possible!!
RSVP by 10 March 2023: Click here.
Charles Cholsoo Lho 
President-Yale Club of Korea


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